To get a degree, students must take 146 credits. Regularly, 146 credits are allocated to 8 semesters. To make student workload is not too heavy, the student workload in each semester is limited to a maximum of 24 credits. Specifically for semester 1, the course package for the student has been determined. For semester 2, it is limited to a maximum of 22 credits. The provisions regarding the credit load that students can take are presented in the Education Guidelines of the State University of Malang Chapter III, Article 26 paragraph (8). In addition, the number of credits a student can take also depends on the GPA of the previous semesters. In details, it can be seen in the following table:

GPA each previous semester Maximum credits which can be taken by students for the next semester.
less than 2,00 16 credits
2,00 - 2,99 20 credits
greater than or equals to 3,00 24 credits

The duration of studying or activities which have to be conducted by students for each 1 credit is 170 minutes per week per semester (Chapter III, article 26, clause (5)). The distribution of student workload for each one credit is presented by the following table.

ActivityFace to face activity (Minutes)Structured Task (Minutes)Independent Activity (Minutes)PracticumTotal (Minutes)
Lecture, Responses, Tutorial 506060 - 170
Seminar or other similar learning forms 100 - 70 - 170
Practicum, Field Practicum, Research, student community enggagement, and/or other equivalent similar learning forms. - - - 170 170

The other workload is the exam. In general, each course on average conducts two scheduled exams, which are mid-term exam and final-term exam. The type of the exam depends on each course.