Department Facilities

  1. Lecture hall
  2. Offline lectures are conducted in a three-story building, namely B24. There are 2 lecture halls on the 1st floor, there are 7 lecture halls on the 3rd floor. Each lecture hall is mostly equipped with an Air Conditioner (AC) or Blower so that it makes the lecture room comfortable. Each lecture room is also equipped with LCD and blackboard. Each lecture hall is sufficient for 40 students. Apart from the lecture hall in building B24, there are two buildings that can be used jointly by all study programs in the faculty.
  3. Computer lab
  4. There are three rooms for computer laboratories in building B24, 1st floor. Each room has as many computers as ..., with computer specifications: .... Apart from the computer laboratory room, this room can also be used for general lecture rooms if needed.
  5. Seminar room or workshop room
  6. This room is located on the 3rd floor of building B24. Apart from being used for large lecture halls, this room is also used for seminars, workshops, or discussions with many participants. Equipped with a blackboard, chairs that can accommodate up to 100 more participants, LCD, AC, and a microphone so this room is comfortable for activities that involve many participants.
  7. Lecturer room as well as guidance room
  8. Located on the 2nd floor of building B24, there are 7 rooms. Each room can accommodate a maximum of 7 lecturers. This room is also used for thesis guidance activities, KPL guidance, PKL guidance, PKM guidance, academic guidance, or other discussion activities.
  9. Reading room, lounge, and discussion room.
  10. This open space is located at the front and back of building B24. Under the shade of a shady tree, many students do discussion activities, do assignments, work on projects, read, study, or just sit back and relax in this open space.

Campus Facilities

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