The table below shows the achievement data of Mathematics Department students in recent years, both academic and non-academic achievements. Achievements are obtained from regional, national, and even international levels. Apart from the extraordinary personal abilities of these outstanding students, student achievement is also supported by the supervision process and existing facilities within the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and UM.

In the field of mathematics competition, there is regular guidance from mathematics lecturers to prepare students of the Department of Mathematics to take part in mathematics competitions at regional, national, and international levels. UM also provides a forum for self-development or student talent interests, namely UKM (Student Activity Unit). Recently, there are 34 Student Activity Units (UKM) in UM. This UKM is involved in several fields including Sports, Arts, Special Interests, Reasoning, Welfare, and Spirituality. Many students from the Department of Mathematics participate in UKM.

In addition, at UM there are also student organizations (ormawa) ranging from the department, faculty to university level. So that students can choose which areas of interest, talents and organizations they want to pursue and develop so that they can achieve glorious and proud achievements. Several students of the Mathematics Department also joined this organization, such as at HIMATIKA Vector, BEMFA, or BEM UM.

No.Name (batch)AchievementEventLevelDate
1Rohatin (2018)2nd Winner of Poomsae Semi Achievement2020 UNESA Cup ChancellorEast JavaFebruary 7, 2020
2Rofiud Darojad,
Muhammad Nur Alamsyah (2017)
Champion VNGO XXVIII UNYNationalMarch 7, 2020
3Azizah Nur Laily Rahmawati,
Rifki Diva Riyanto,
Muhammad Arif Wahyudi (2017)
Runner Up ILKTIN IKAHIMATIKA INDONESIA 2019NationalMarch 11, 2020
4Adinda Amalia Fatimah (2018)Champion number 12020 'Internal Qu'an Olympiad'UM17 May 2020
5Siti Nuradilla (2019)Champion number 1QUR'ANIC PAPER AWARD Volume I 2020 by ASC UMUM11 May 2020
6Rofiud Darojad,
Muchamad Syaiful Faristyan (2017)
Honorable MentionsInternational Mathematic Competition 2020International25-30 July 2020
7Dwi Roudhotillah (2017),
Muhammad Nur Alamsyah (2017),
Dia Ayu Nazihah (2018),
Muhammad Syafiq (2018)
ParticipantsInternational Mathematic Competition 2020International25-30 July 2020
8Rofiud Darojad (2017)Honorable MentionNational KNMIPA 2020National7-10 September 2020
9Khotibul Umam (2017)2nd Winner of MTrQ BranchMTQ MIPA 2020UM9-11 September 2020
10Okta Fariha (2019)3rd Winner of MTrQ BranchMTQ MIPA 2020UM9-11 September 2020
11Farhan Yunus Aminudin (2018)Champion IIIVirtual Sport Competiion 2020: 66th Anniversary of UM Virtual Chess Tournament for Student categoriesUM8 October 2020
12Silfy Fauziah (2020)Champion IICorat Coret Kreasi Maba (CCKM) 2020 by ASWA (MIPA Citizen Arek Seni) UMUM20 October 2020
13Rofiud Darojad (2017)Silver medalUNP Mathematics Challenge (UMC)National2020-11-14 00:00:00
14Himatics Vector 2020Champion IIIOPM MIPA AwardUM2020-11-14 00:00:00
15Syihabul Anwar Aziz (2018)
and team
ParticipantsPIMNAS 33National24-29 November 2020
16Arfian Rizky Pratama (2017)
and team
Bronze medal for the PKM PSH poster categoryPIMNAS 33National24-29 November 2020
17Nizi Hajar (2017)
and team
Bronze Medal for PKM-M Presentation categoryPIMNAS 33National24-29 November 2020
18Rofiud Darojad (2017)Gold medalOSM POSI 2020National20 December 2020
19Farhan Yunus Aminudin (2018)Champion 4BAPOMI 2020 National Virtual Sport CompetitionNational7-9 January 2021