History of Colleges and Faculties

MIPA UM originated from a department, namely Natural Sciences, which was owned by the Teacher Education College (PTPG) and was established on October 18, 1954. PTPG was the forerunner of UM. So that October 18, 1954 was designated as the birthday of FMIPA UM, as part of the State University of Malang (UM).

The establishment of PTPG Malang was confirmed by a Decree of the Minister of Education, Teaching and Culture Number 38742 / Kab dated September 1, 1954. Two months later, namely November 10, 1954, the government established Universitas Airlangga (Unair) based in Surabaya, and through a regulation Government Number 71 of 1958 PTPG Malang became one of its faculties, namely the faculty named the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Unair.

In the period 1960-1963In Indonesia, there are two types of higher education institutions that produce secondary school teachers, namely FKIP (which is part of a university) and IPG (Institute for Teacher Education) which is an independent institution. To unite the two types of higher education institutions, on January 3, 1963, Presidential Decree No. 1 of 1963 was issued, which unified the two types of institutions into a new institution called IKIP (Institute of Teacher Training and Education). Through the Joint Decree of the Minister of PTIP (Higher Education and Science) and the Minister of PDK (Education and Culture) Number 32 and 34 of 1963, FKIP Unair and IPG Madiun were merged into IKIP MALANG. Based on the PTIP Ministerial Decree Number 35 of 1964, IKIP MALANG has branches in Surabaya, Madiun, Singaraja, and Kupang, and through the PTIP Ministerial Decree Number 36 of 1964, the IKIP MALANG Branch has increased by one more, namely in Jember.

In 1964, IKIP MALANG has 4 faculties, one of which is the Teaching Faculty of Exact Sciences (FKIE), the forerunner of FMIPA which has four departments, one of which is the Department of Exact Science, which is the forerunner of the Mathematics Department.

On March 23, 1968, IKIP MALANG branches in the region are handed over to their respective new parents. The Jember branch was handed over to the Jember State University, the Singaraja Branch to the Udayana University, the Kupang Branch to the Nusa Cendana University, and the Surabaya Branch to become a new institution, namely IKIP Surabaya.

History of the Department

In 1975, according to the prevailing system at IKIP MALANG, the designation of departments in all faculties is replaced by departments. At the same time, the four departments in FKIE were restructured into three departments, one of which is the Mathematics-Physics Department (which consists of the Mathematics Study Program and the Physics Study Program). The education program leveling system prevailing at that time was the baccalaureate level with a degree Bachelor of Arts (BA) and an undergraduate degree with a degree Doktorandus (Drs). The study period at the baccalaureate level is three years after high school, and the study period at the undergraduate level is two years after the baccalaureate.

In 1979, the system of graduating for Bachelors and Bachelors was removed, replaced by Strata0 (S0, or Diploma) and Strata1 (S1). Along with these changes, the term department is no longer used and instead the term department is used again. The number of departments at FKIE has been returned to 4, one of which is the Department of Mathematics Education.

Based on Government Regulation Number 27 of 1981In connection with the restructuring of faculties within the University and Institute, the name of the Teaching Faculty of Exact Sciences was changed to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education (FPMIPA), with the same number of departments as before, one of which was the Mathematics Education Department.

History of Study Program

Based on the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education Number: 241 / DIKTI / Kep / 1997 dated August 15, 1997, IKIP MALANG received an additional mandate to provide non-educational undergraduate programs. As a result, since that year FPMIPA IKIP MALANG has held eight undergraduate study programs, here the Mathematics Education Study Program and the Mathematics Study Program were born. As a consequence of this mandate expansion, based on Presidential Decree No. 93/1999 dated 4 August 1999, IKIP MALANG was upgraded to the State University of Malang. The name FPMIPA was changed to FMIPA (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), and the names of the departments were changed, one of which was the Mathematics Department, which contained the Mathematics Education Study Program and the Mathematics Study Program.